you were a mistake

but you were the mistake that made me better.

you were the mistake that opened my eyes to the real world,

you were the mistake that showed me things that i’ve never seen before,

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That was all I felt. Nothing more, nothing less. All this time I perceived him as this boy who only exists in books and movies. He had always seemed perfect to me. Perfect enough for me to not expect that he makes mistakes too. Perfect enough that I didn’t know he could do such things.

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untitled writing #1

i’ve been trying to move on, been trying to get over you, trying to live my life without you.. and i can say i’m doing pretty well. i stopped replying to your messages even though i want to know if you did great on your finals, i fight the urge to open your account just to check on you, i barely think of you because i’ve been keeping myself busy, i deleted all the pictures, the songs, everything that reminds me of you.. and i hope one day i can finally move on. Continue reading