your poem.

your poem.

holding onto the thought of us feels like

talking to a rock, and wondering why it won’t answer back,

trying a hundred keys and still failing to open up the lock

it’s like a flood in the middle of a desert,

or like a hundred feelings one can’t assert

it can be punching a wall, hoping it won’t cause you pain

or wishing that you will not get your feet wet in a pouring rain

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me & you

me & you


like every sad love story out there,

we had our happy firsts,

our blurry middles,

and our hard goodbyes

oh wait..

was it hard for you?


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an empty broken glass

an empty broken glass

i poured out the sunshine,

and now i can’t see the light

i healed all the scars,

but it left me with more cuts

i saved them from drowning,

now i’m left alone at the ocean

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