life is a game

and we are left with no other choice rather than to play it. like any game out there, it has three stages:

the easy round, the one where everything seems to be in tune. working towards your goal was never a problem because you always seem to win. you set records, and you try to beat your old ones. this was when you were at your happiest, and life was at your side.

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untitled writing #3

it’s funny how a couple of midnights ago, i was thinking of how scared i am to lose my life, but now, it seems like it’s not the worst thing that can happen. because today, i am scared of living. Continue reading

i’m not afraid of dying

i’m afraid of knowing that i have not lived my life with purpose
i’m afraid of knowing that i have not lived while i was given the chance to
i’m afraid of not achieving all the goals that i have set for myself

i’m afraid of not getting to tie the loose ends
i’m afraid of not taking ahold of the chance i had to forgive everyone who caused me pain
i’m afraid of not being forgiven by the ones i’ve inflicted pain to

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