school gives me anxiety

school gives me anxiety, so much anxiety; especially during it’s first day. i mean going back to school is fun! MINUS the struggle of getting out of bed, walking around the campus alone since you have no idea where to find your friends, the introduce yourselves, the new teachers, and the new classmates. welp. anxiety. i’m lucky enough i’ve been studying in the same school since i was nursery, but for those who transferred to a new school, you can do it. you’ll get used to it in no time! it gets better each day 😉

since school is right around the corner, here are a couple of things that gives me anxiety or things about the first day of school, or school in general, that just.. sucks.

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That was all I felt. Nothing more, nothing less. All this time I perceived him as this boy who only exists in books and movies. He had always seemed perfect to me. Perfect enough for me to not expect that he makes mistakes too. Perfect enough that I didn’t know he could do such things.

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life is a game

and we are left with no other choice rather than to play it. like any game out there, it has three stages:

the easy round, the one where everything seems to be in tune. working towards your goal was never a problem because you always seem to win. you set records, and you try to beat your old ones. this was when you were at your happiest, and life was at your side.

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