an empty broken glass

i poured out the sunshine,

and now i can’t see the light

i healed all the scars,

but it left me with more cuts

i saved them from drowning,

now i’m left alone at the ocean

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for everyone who needs it <3

No matter how optimistic you are, how positive your outlook is on life, or how contented you are with what you have, there will always be times where you feel like your world is crumbling down; you feel trapped, unable to breathe, like darkness surrounds you. Days when you just feel so unmotivated and uninspired to do anything, even the ones that you enjoy and are part of your everyday life. Days where you just feel so alone and down, and you don’t even know the reason why you’re feeling that way. It’s normal to have those days, I get those too. So below, I compiled a bunch of quotations that I pray will help make you feel a lot better and help you regain the strength that you think you lost. I hope these words will put a smile on your face like what it did to mine and I hope that this blog post will make you realize that you can get past through these dark days and that it’s okay not to be okay at all times, but know that there are a lot of days ahead of you and this day is going to be better, and you will feel better. You will get better. ❤

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you were a mistake

but you were the mistake that made me better.

you were the mistake that opened my eyes to the real world,

you were the mistake that showed me things that i’ve never seen before,

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