the blogger…

hey, i’m cathleen! aged 16, but i definitely look more mature 😛 i either sleep too much, or don’t sleep at all. i may also drink coffee more than i drink water, who knows? a total bookworm and indie pop music trash, also a social media addict. actually at the moment you’re reading this, i may be binge watching youtube videos or a tv series that i’m currently loving, scrolling through instagram’s explore page, tweeting about how tired i am even though i haven’t done anything the whole day, trying to get inspired by visiting pinterest, or searching for funny memes and text posts on tumblr. again, who knows?? BUT HEY i have a life outside that! i love going on walks and spending time with my family or my friends. i love art and i love appreciating nature ❤ i also love writing!! shocking, i know. so there you have it! some things about me. yay!

the blog…

so yes, hello. just thought i should give y’all a little heads up on what this blog is about. this is not a fashion / lifestyle / travel blog (obviously), but it’s more on the personal side. i decided to create a blog so i can have a place to write (or rather, type) down my thoughts or anything that i can think of writing in general. i just needed another outlet to express myself more rather than a piece of paper 🙂

in this blog, i’ll be posting my thoughts, poems, rants, or my life experiences. i may also blog about little snippets of my life. so there you have it! i hope you’ll enjoy going through my blog as much as i enjoyed making it. lots of love x

disclaimer: some (actually almost all of it) may have been written forever ago.