the blog…

so yes, hello. just thought i should give y’all a little heads up on what this blog is about. this is not a fashion / lifestyle / travel blog (obviously), but it’s more on the personal side. i decided to create a blog so i can have a place to write (or rather, type) down my thoughts or anything that i can think of writing in general. i just needed another outlet to express myself more rather than a piece of paper 🙂

in this blog, i’ll be posting my thoughts, poems, rants, or my life experiences. i may also blog about little snippets of my life. so there you have it! i hope you’ll enjoy going through my blog as much as i enjoyed making it. if you wanna reach me for any blog requests or any other stuff, the links to my social media accounts can be seen at the bottom part of my blog. lots of love x

disclaimer: some (actually almost all of it) may have been written forever ago.