school gives me anxiety

school gives me anxiety

school gives me anxiety, so much anxiety; especially during it’s first day. i mean going back to school is fun! MINUS the struggle of getting out of bed, walking around the campus alone since you have no idea where to find your friends, the introduce yourselves, the new teachers, and the new classmates. welp. anxiety. i’m lucky enough i’ve been studying in the same school since i was nursery, but for those who transferred to a new school, you can do it. you’ll get used to it in no time! it gets better each day 😉

since school is right around the corner, here are a couple of things that gives me anxiety or things about the first day of school, or school in general, that just.. sucks.

#1: the introduce yourself portion
so your new teacher walks into the room, puts his/her things on the table, looks at you, and you know what happens. name, age, birthday, hobbies, expectations, the year your grandfather was born, what was your first word when you were a baby, what color was the ceiling of the church where you were christened, just kidding. but it’s something like that. people would find answering those easy but you bet i would shake infront and pee myself. i mean hello what are namecards for??? and you don’t need to know everything about me we aren’t friends. JUST KIDDING. AGAIN.

#2: the wild hunt
you step inside the campus and you see all these people hugging and talking and laughing and your first thought is, cue LANY, where the hell are my friends? now you’re walking around like a loner.. wait you aren’t! because your frenemy, anxiety, is right beside you. yay!

#3: the awkward seat-uation
if you think you can seat beside your friend, thank your adviser for.. not doing that. now you’re seated next to someone you do not know and since you are made of 100% anxiety, you prefer being silent than starting a conversation. it’s okay girlie you might be friends some time soon you just need to talk. yikes.

#4: presentations
reporting, acting, singing, jingles, roleplays, name a better group that gives me more anxiety. none. do i still need to explain why it sucks? i don’t? oh okay i’m glad you can understand, just writing about it makes my stomach go upside down. what a strange thing, i know. (failed pun right there!)

#5: surprise quizzes
all you did the day before was watch an episode, stream your idol’s new album, and now your teacher gives a surprise quiz without allowing you to read even a tiny bit. bet they got surprised when they saw my failing score, i love giving surprises too 😉

#6: projects
by projects, i mean the ones that take so much effort and blood and sweat and tears. those difficult projects that teachers give that you should do alone since they think you can do witchcraft and finish it after a couple of days when in reality, it would take centuries. smh.

#7: examinations
it sucks on it’s own. i don’t need to explain why. everyone knows how it feels.

#8: terror teachers
the evil characher to your disney story. just kidding. a little. these kinds of teachers looks scary no matter what they do. they just send shivers down my throat. always. but i bet that’s an advantage cause when there’s a terror teacher around i actually pay attention, or else they’ll bite. kidding.

so that’s about it! i’m sure i missed a lot but that’s all i have in mind right now. to everyone who’s going back to school in a few days, or for those who started already, you can do it fam. school might be stressful but it sure is fun and it gives you a lot of great memories that you can look back on years from now. always live it and be thankful for you have been given the chance to be educated. don’t take it for granted, because years from now you’ll thank yourself that you didn’t give up. ❤


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