life is a game

life is a game

and we are left with no other choice rather than to play it. like any game out there, it has three stages:

the easy round, the one where everything seems to be in tune. working towards your goal was never a problem because you always seem to win. you set records, and you try to beat your old ones. this was when you were at your happiest, and life was at your side.

the average round, things start to get a little tricky. barriers come your way and the resolution seems to be a blur. distractions also surface, making it harder for you to win. you try and try, and there will always be times where you succeed, but there were also times where you fail and wish the game was easier.

the difficult round, the hardest part. no matter what move you do, what strategy you make, what theory comes into your mind, you just can’t seem to win. you start feeling frustrated, feel pissed, you feel like giving up. after a few more tries, you’ve had enough. you never attempted to play again. you already gave up. you have already given up.

like levels on a scoreboard, some plays dirty in order to be at the top. they take the easy route to seem superior, to feel superior. and there are also some who decides to play it normally. they pave their way to the top. they earn their way to the top, and it’s at the top where those kind of gamers should be.

life is a game, and how you’re going to play it is your own decision. would you give up when the difficult part happens? or will you try to win against it? will you cheat to be above others? or will you put in effort and hardwork? you either follow the rules, or make your own. whatever you choose, remember to play wisely. remember to play your cards correctly.


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