untitled writing #2

untitled writing #2

i thought i was finally fine. i thought i was finally better. i thought i had finally moved on… but there are times when i catch myself thinking of you. times where i check up on you to see if you’re okay and if you are happy with your life without me in it. times where i wonder what it would be, what we could be, if things didn’t go that way. times when i think about the moments we shared together, the talks we had, the times we stayed up late, the jokes we cracked, and the love we had that made everything better. and now i’m thinking of you again. and i know i should not. because you have moved on a long time ago, and i should too so i won’t be hurt anymore. and even though i say i don’t care about you anymore, i know deep inside my heart there’s still a room that you owned, and will always own. and there’s still love, even a little percent, that i have for you, even though things got rough and you destroyed me.


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