12:18 AM

12:18 AM

do you ever have those moments when you think you don’t have control over your life, because someone is? that’s the worst fucking feeling i ever had. people around me wants things to go their way. people around me starts bitching about my life whenever i’m doing what i like to do and they start controlling my life like i’m some kind of a fucking lifeless puppet. just because they are older than you doesn’t give them more authority and the right to tell you to do things, do they? i just want to be gone for a while. i’ve been crying for several hours straight and this is the most terrible feeling i have had in months. i just want to break free from the ties they put me in and just have no one to dictate what i should do for their own benefit. it’s like im only alive, but not having a life, at the same time. i’m being treated like a freaking robot and they forget that i have a heart, too. that i have feelings and that i have my boiling points. all my life, i just wanted everyone to be happy that i would risk my own happiness for them to be okay. but i guess now’s the time to focus on my own damn self and screw whatever they might say. this is my life and im taking control over it.


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