people should understand that i have my โ€offโ€ days; days where i prefer not to talk, days where i prefer to be alone, days where i just want to be gone. not the dead kind of gone, but the i’m-so-tired-of-my-life-i-want-to-have-a-rest kind of gone. i tend to distance myself from everyone because if they try to talk to me, i might say something that i have no intention of saying in the first place. i prefer to distance myself because i might hurt somebody’s feelings even though i didn’t mean to. i just get completely annoyed with everything and everyone, even with the simplest things, that i have no control over what i’m feeling and i just suddenly shut down. so please, if you see me staring at a wall emotionless, or if i don’t say a single world even though i laughed like i was the happiest person in the world a few seconds ago, or if i don’t type like the way i used to, please, don’t attempt to talk to me. i want to be alone for a while. let me figure out what’s wrong with me. i’m also confused with myself so don’t ask me what’s wrong. please.


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