fuck homophobia

fuck homophobia

people who are against the lgbtq+ community gets me so infuriated and makes me go ????????????? W H Y. why do people hate on them for being their true selves? coming out to your loved ones takes so much courage and i’m proud that they have successfully gone through it and faced their fear instead of hiding inside a closet, afraid of being discriminated. would people rather have them hide who they really are instead of accepting that they are different and be proud of it?

homophobia is really disgusting and i just wish it was never a thing. no one deserves to be terrified of showing their true selves because of discrimination 😦

whatever gender you’re in, you deserve to be loved & appreciated & be taken care of. you’re a treasure. don’t let people tell you otherwise. no matter what sexual orientation you are in, you deserve to be treated for the amazing human being you are. i am with you.


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