31st of december 2016

31st of december 2016

2016 is coming to an end & i can’t be happier for i can start a whole new chapter with a brighter perspective. this year wasn’t easy for me, like it was to everybody else. i lost touch with a couple of friends i used to be closed to, lost connection with people who was once important to me; and if you’d ask me earlier, i’d say losing friends suck. but then i realized that if people were meant to stay in your life forever, they will, without any doubt. again, to everyone i lost this year, thank you for the memories that i would always gladly look back on. i will always wish all the best for all of you even if we’ve lost touch. i won’t say everything that went bad this year, i won’t say that they were bad either for it molded me into a new person. someone with a more positive outlook and has less fear. someone who learned to love herself for she forgot how to. 2016 was tough but i’m grateful for everything that happened for it taught me lessons that i can bring and remember this coming year. lessons that i will forever keep in mind. i hope 2017 will be a good year for everyone and don’t forget to leave the dark past behind and enter the new year with a brand new you and a brand new hope that something bigger is coming for you this 2017 ❤


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