untitled writing #1

untitled writing #1

i’ve been trying to move on, been trying to get over you, trying to live my life without you.. and i can say i’m doing pretty well. i stopped replying to your messages even though i want to know if you did great on your finals, i fight the urge to open your account just to check on you, i barely think of you because i’ve been keeping myself busy, i deleted all the pictures, the songs, everything that reminds me of you.. and i hope one day i can finally move on. and i hope you do, too. i don’t want to hurt you anymore, and i can’t guarantee you that i’m coming back, so please do forget about me too. just entirely erase me from your memory because it kills me whenever you keep on trying to talk to me. please move on. i’m not worthy of you, you deserve better. and i’m merely the best or a good one. this will be the last time i’ll be saying this, i hope. i still love you, but goodbye.


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